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Don’t worry if you break a nail we have many tricks to fix the damaged part.
1. With a pair of scissors cut a small piece of adhesive tape, covers completely the broken part of the nail avoid the excesses use of adhesive tape.


2.With warm water soaks the nail and leave the nail until is tender, so you can return to the right place the nail. With a toothpick apply dry quick glue that contains cyanoacrylate then press the nail spreading glue with a thin layer.
Applies a bit of acetone to remove the excesses and filing edges, to let shine and smooth the nail surface.

3. An empty tea bag works perfectly, cut the size of the nail breakage the tea bag and leave extra piece for the rear of the nail. Attach it with dry quick glue that contains Cyanoacrylate avoid any bulk or wrinkle in the material.
The layers of glue should be thin as possible and with a polishing stone , polish the surface on a single direction after 6 hours apply nail polish on the nail.


4. This case is to remove completely the damaged nail be very careful to avoid any type of infection.
Stop the bleeding by pressing with gauze or cotton.
Cut any remaining traces of nail that has left you with a nail clipper or scissors.
For 20 min soak your nails in cold water, this procedure can sleep the area and regulate the flow of blood.
Then soak your nails in warm water with salt for a time of 20 min this step help to prevent infections.

Make this procedure 3 times a day, is important for the first 2 days that you took away the nail.
You can apply pomade with antibiotic very gently on the surface of the skin where the nail is.
It covers the area damaged with gauze and tape to prevent infections or painful rods, seeks to constantly change the gauze to maintain good hygiene in your natural nail.


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