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Nail polish changes color to come into contact with a drink that has been adulterated with any drugs.
A group of students of the University of Carolina of the North, United States, developed a Nail Polish.
Stephan Gray, Tyler COnfrey-Maloney, Tasso Von Windheim and Ankesh Madan are 4 young entrepreneurs who developed this project, called “Undercover Colors”.

The project is to detect a drink adulterated substances such as scopolamine or Rohypnol which are used frequently, that cause memory loss and easy manipulation of the people.
The process to detect drugs in drinks is simple, women should immerse one of their fingers on the glass and the nail polish will change color at the time of coming into contact with any drug.

Today this young entrepreneurs received an investment of $ 100,000, but still need 150 thousand dollars more to distribute and sell their product.


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