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The Swarovski and Austrian crystals have a spectacular flash, the famous designers are making their creations with crystals on bridal shoes, wedding dresses, details to decorate the hair of brides and nail art with crystals.
You can use all your creativity for this special occasion.
In crystals there are different measures here I inform you.
ss5 is very small but looks perfect on nails
ss7 integrates nicely with the measure SS5 and can achieve a harmonious design without exaggeration.
ss10 recommend this size for use in a few parts only if you want to form a downward spiral, the center of a flower.
ss16 in the shoes this measure can be excellent but in the hands if necessary, I would use just one crystal and combine with smaller.
ss20 only in clothing and shoes would use not on nails.
These crystals can stick with the resin with a light touch on the back it is enough.
Please do not add any material on the crystal surface as would succeed only visually eliminate their court. The cuts are the ones that give brightness to the crystal.


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